South Bay High School Football Team Celebrates Concussion-Free Season

Article by Ryann Vargas - NBC Bay Area

A South Bay high school football team is celebrating its first concussion-free season in years, and the coaching staff points to a new tackling method as the reason.

The Mountain View High School Spartans finished the 2015 varsity football season with no concussions.

Coach Shelley Smith says the team’s trainer logs all concussions — whether minor or major — and last year there were none to report.

"In the 16 years I've been coaching, that's only happened one time," said Smith, who has been head coach at Mountain View High for four years. He now also serves as the school's athletic director.

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Missoula high school uses professional technique to avoid concussions

MISSOULA, Mont. - High school players and coaches were allowed to start preseason practices last Friday.

As another football season gets set to kick off next week, the awareness of player safety is once again in the spotlight.

According to a study by the Head Case company, 47 percent of sports concussions occur during high school football.

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Here's The New Tackling Technique That's Revolutionizing Football Safety

Head injuries are changing the game of football.

As researchers learn more about the long-term impacts of concussions and sub-concussive hits, the true dangers of playing football have come to light. Although several rule changes have been made over the last decade to make the game safer, concussions are still occurring at an alarming rate. A huge number of parents—including President Obama and Troy Aikman—have said they would not let their children play football as it exists today.

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How Pete Carroll's rugby-style tackle is changing college football

Urban Meyer wanted nothing to do with rugby-style tackling at Ohio State. The idea of defenders using their shoulders to tackle, changing target points on a ball carrier and emphasizing wrapping up around the legs wasn’t an easy sell to Meyer. Like so many coaches, Meyer had been taught that tacklers should force their heads across the chest of a ball carrier -- the “head across the bow” model that represented Tackling 101 for so long. Read more...

Seahawks Tackling Video To Change The Game

Article by John Boyle - Seahawks Writer

Article by John Boyle - Seahawks Writer

Pete Carroll won multiple national titles at USC and has been to two Super Bowls in his first five seasons with the Seahawks, winning one. Yet it’s an 11-minute video, not trophies or rings or accolades, that will be Carroll’s biggest contribution to football according someone who knows Carroll and his career quite well. Read more...

National Champion Buckeyes embraced Pete Carroll's "Hawk Tackle" techniques

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Ohio State Buckeyes went into the 2014 college football season ranked 46th in total defense, and tackling had been a major issue to end their 2013 campaign -- particularly in their Big-10 Championship Game loss to Michigan State and their Orange Bowl loss to Clemson. After a huge improvement in 2014 and a National Championship to show for it, new Co-Defensive Coordinator Chris Ash gave a lot of credit for the jump to 19th in total defense on watching Pete Carroll's now famous Rugby-Tackling Instructional Video from last summer.  Read more...