Shoulder tackling has helped us become a more effective football team...we implemented it at Ohio State back in the 2014 season...going from one of the worst tackling defenses, to one of the best defenses in America...we’ve been able to teach a more effective and safe way to tackle.
— Chris Ash - Rutgers University Head Coach (Defensive Coordinator at Ohio State 2014-2015)

"In the 16 years I've been coaching, that's only happened one time,"

--Shelly Smith - Head Coach at Mountain View High for four years. He is now also serves as the school's athletic director.


Mountain View High School's football team is celebrating its first concussion-free season in years, and the coaching staff points to a new tackling method as the reason.

The Mountain View High School Spartans finished the 2015 varsity football season with no concussions.

Coach Shelley Smith says the team’s trainer logs all concussions — whether minor or major — and last year there were none to report.


"We've embraced the Seahawks rugby-style tackling. It used to be it was always taught get the head across on a tackle. Now the head's actually behind, and we say we're a shoulder tackling team and our strike zone is the mid-thigh."

-- Dane Oliver - Missoula High School Head Coach



“I am a junior high school age coach... and have been a Bobby Hosea Helmet Free and Heads Up certified coach for many years but this tackling system is by far the best I have found anywhere. I started teaching it last year and, for the first time I could recall, we had ZERO concussions on defense.”

— M.D. (Junior High Coach)

Thank you so much for your time today at Arcadia High. I plan to utilize the knowledge you shared with my 11 year old and my 5 year old who both enjoyed meeting you as well.

— N.M. (Parent and Coach)

I know that parents would want to know the latest in tacking techniques.

— A.F. (Parent and Coach)


I was at your presentation in Bakersfield. Great job. We have begun to implement your techniques and verbiage at Liberty HS.

— T.A.. (High School Coach)

I was turned on to you when I searched safe tackling. So I chose to take my team in that direction since I have such a love for the sport. I think it is so important to teach the proper techniques.

— D.S. (College Coach)